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Documents Needed for Pre-approval

Please provide all the documents listed below,  however, if some of the items listed below does apply to you, simply disregard and move on to the next item.

All the documents request blow requires all the pages of the document. (Including blank pages)

  1. Last (2) years Tax returns including W-2’s, if 2019 not filed yet please provide 2018 & 2017 Tax returns.

  2. Last (2) years corporate tax returns. If applicable. Including all K-1, same rule applies above if 2019 not yet filed.

  3. Last (30) days pay stubs including home health care (IHSS) if applicable. If direct deposit, request a copy of the stub from your employer.

  4. Contact information for HR department and employee ID number. IHSS worker case number and case workers name and phone number.

  5. Last (2) months bank statements, all Assets, Stock account, 401K ’s (All pages)

  6. Copy of the driver licenses.

  7. Most recent mortgage statements for the 1 & 2 T/D on all properties.

  8. Most recent year property tax bill & Home owners insurance including condo HO6 on all properties.

  9. HOA (homeowner   association) monthly statement and contact information for the HOA

  10. If Bankruptcy is filed need copy of the discharge letter and the entire BK filing documents.

  11. If divorced, need copy of divorce decree.

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